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Barbados Plant Rentals Nursery & For Sale

Plant Rentals

With plants in some of the most popular office spaces in the country,  DD Plant nursery is the best solution for a plant rental service in Barbados. DD Plant Nursery specializes in plant rental services near you, the delivery of all plant rentals is free with both short-term and long-term rental services.

Our rentals are designed to encourage productivity in the workplace by accentuating the environment. We maintain all the plant rentals we provide unless otherwise arranged. This includes watering, trimming and nutrition checking on a bi-weekly basis or otherwise, depending on the type of plant.

Our in-room plants are chosen with allergies in mind. As the mother of an asthmatic, our florist knows which plants can trigger allergic reactions. Not only do plants look great they are essential to the world’s ecosystem. Plants are uniquely capable of reducing carbon dioxide while producing oxygen, removing pollutants and improves the general air quality for your staff.

Commercial Rentals

Office Plant Rentals

We also provide plants capable of flourishing in air-conditioned office spaces. Let our florist decide which plants are best suited for the environment placed in.



Palm Rentals

Our range of plants varies greatly, including but not limited to Golden Tree Palms rentals. Feel free to visit our plant nursery to view a full range of our rental options.




Residential Rentals


Event Plant Rentals

Only need plants short-term? No problem we provide one (1) day rental services for all occasions. Give us a call a few days before the actual event.Plants for rent in barbados

Floral Design & Gift Baskets

Our florist creates beautiful floral arrangements which enlightens any environment they are placed in. We create arrangements for occasions such as weddings and funeral also special occasions such as Valentine’s Day arrangements and Mother’s day.

Floral Arrangements


Plant Rental Pricing

As aforementioned our rental services are affordable and includes maintenance plus delivery by us. Our solutions provide a hands-off, set-and-forget approach for you the renter. Be assured that our staff will keep your plants looking healthy for years to come.

Give us a call or message our facebook page for an exact quote for your needs. Contact details are below.



What if my rental plants get too big?

This is no issue, we switch out plants at the first hint of damage, smells, and disease. If our representative determines plants are too large for your office space, they will be switched before it becomes a problem.

My office is AC will the plant live?

Yes, we have specially conditioned plants for such office spaces.

What if I am moving to a new location?

We will transport the currents plants to your new location for you and assist with the arranging at no extra cost to you. If you no longer want to rent the plants, let us know and we will terminate your rental contract.



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